*Updated* NEW Parts 2 and 3 now linked!

Now uploaded onto Youtube courtesy of our Anbiholics Subbing Team!! (we are currently hiring if any one is interested in helping out!)

Thanks to: especially sunstar for timing/encoding, bern for translating and everyone else who helped out!!!

We Got Married Ep.22 Studio Cut

More Videos Linked (all parts now up!):

We Got Married Ep.22 Studio – Part 1

We Got Married Ep.22 Studio – Part 2

We Got Married Ep.22 Studio – Part 3

Videos from sunstar’s youtube channel – samainee!! A special thanks to you for the time-consuming task of subbing – I know how long it takes and the accuracy that goes into it

Thanks a lot for everyone’s hardwork – I love you all! 🙂


Now we truly appreciate all the hardwork Alvin/Coolsmurf has gone through since we collaborated through many details even just for one couple, and he had to complete subbings for 3 couples!!! Omo! Yes we haven’t forgotten about ya, and thanks again for all the hardwork you’ve done/are doing!

Koreansubutd: Please reconsider the subbing, and I have offered to help so fingers crossed! There are lots of supporters out here for ya!