We Got Married 14 September Autumn Festival Special – 120 Minutes

The Couples... Plus Pepero!!! Wow~

The Couples... Plus Pepero!!! Wow~

To celebrate the Autumn Festival on September 14, the production team will present a brand new couple in the first part of the special, and the incumbent four couples will appear in the second part of the show in a “Q&A” game.

PD Kim has expressed that the new couples will only be temporary, and they haven’t confirmed the female and male entertainers to fill the positions. But they can now confirm that couples previously on the Show (Lee Hwi Jae, Don Don, etc) will not have another opportunity to join the new couple.

He emphasised that the new couple will carry out an external mission, and cannot ascertain that this new couple will be regular fixtures on WGM. However if any of the existing couples leave, they are not ruling out the possibility of using the new couple to fill the gap.

In addition, the second part of the special will feature the four existing couples being asked probing questions by the MCs. PD Kim also said that with such an opportunity, the production team hopes the couples can play the PEPERO GAME, but the idea is to be confirmed by the team.

Translated by: londony @ londonface.wordpress.com


Rant: This better make up for the pepero game cut off by the ‘Come To Play’ special!!! I think it will be interesting to see how couples now react to eachother compared to the beginning, esp the Anbi couple! (so many bobos so far, hehe) That is, if they plan to go ahead with the idea (let’s hope).

Also, why the mention of a couple leaving?? MBC is really getting on my nerves these days… πŸ˜›