Unfortunately Korean Subutd Group has decided to close down operations for subbing and their website will also be closed on the 18th of September. Thank you immensely for the hardwork you’ve done and I’m sorry we couldn’t convince you otherwise. However as a result of your hardwork and subbings this has allowed more non-Korean fans to appreciate Korean pop culture more and have an outlet to relax and enjoy shows such as “We Got Married” in our hectic lives. We salute you.

Extract from their post “End of the Road…

This is it.
My team has decided to officially stop the subbing service.
We know that many of you will be disappointed but it wasn’t easy for us as well. So we hope you guys will respect our decision.

Firstly, we would like to thank all the people in our forum. Even though our forum was never a popular place, we always felt like you guys were there to support us.
Of course, we also appreciate all the people who have enjoyed our subtitles and many more people from other communities.
It was a great experience for us and we learnt that making subtitles come with great commitment, time, efforts, patience, and responsibility.

We are pretty sure that someone will step up and sub the future episodes of WJM for you all. So please don’t feel devastated and give your support to the subbers.

We are not going to close our website until 18th of Sept. This website was built by you guys, who have donated and visited the site everyday, everyweek. So please download the episodes if you haven’t.

Thank you guys! Until we meet again, take care.