If you visited my youtube channel yesterday/today, you will have noticed I uploaded part 1 of WGM Ep 22 subbed by Muish – this was to appease people on youtube who were worried about WGM’s future subbings. I will not be uploading entire episodes any further since TungTung FanSubs have picked up the series.

I really wanted to post this extract from coolsmurf about subbing – please keep this in mind when you want to request subbings from any translators or subbers:

KoreanSubUtd has apparently stopped subbing “We Got Married” and that has left many non-Korean fans of the show hanging in the air. A minority of you seems to think that translating and subbing is as easy as A-B-C or 1-2-3. But, frankly it involves lots of dedication, hardwork and most crucially time. So don’t just keep posting when is it coming out, etc. It just get on the nerves and the subbers are not obliged to do the subbing but they are doing it for you.

– Coolsmurf Domain”

I really appreciate all the encouragement from supporters on this blog, soompi and on youtube, but frankly us subbers/translators/timers/encoders..etc. really do all of this out of our own time with no benefit but to spread our passion about k-pop culture and let others who may not understand Korean enjoy the shows. The fact that many people have ignored my calls that I am not accepting further subbing requests is also a bit off-putting. I am involved with the subbing teams and will see how future WGM episodes go since many have picked up the series:

So now the set-up weekly for Anbi fans is our Anbiholics Subbing Team, who will specialise in subbing the Anbi-related parts for each WGM episode and also any other related Anbi videos.

For the entire episode, Tung Tung Fan Subs have picked up the series (amazing people) and here are the links:

Tung Tung Fan Subs (please apply for a position if you want to help out)

Ep 22 subbed in full (using subs by Muish) – This is uploaded on Veoh, and you need to download VeohTV if you want to watch episodes in full.