Micro-Summary This Week:

Andy & Solbi

Continuing with the birthday party, Solbi shows up with the surprise guest Alex to her mother’s delight. Alex charms all the ladies by singing “Like A Child” and dancing the ‘Heart Dance’ with Andy. Father-in-law feels a bit jilted by the complements Solbi’s Omma pays to Alex and goes out of the room for some air (men’s toilet break) while Andy calms him down. Overall the birthday party is a smashing success!

Alex & Shinae

More blissful home time this week as they bake cookies together! yums~ (minus burnt cookies) Alex also brings out Shinae’s photoshoot in magazines from last time (when he visited) and she autographs them. Alex and Shinae become even more close from planting vegs in the garden, and he ties her hair!! *squeee* Back to normal indeed for the Alshin couple 🙂

Crown J and Seo In Young

Crown J is JEALOUS of Big Bang! The Ant couple pull off a successful performance with some jealousy issues on the side – CJ seems to be very popular with the ladies in the audience and IY loves Big Bang (who doesn’t?) 😛

Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo

The wedding shoot continues and they have a “near-bobo” moment (Antis, keep away!) and they have more beautiful 100th day photos. A twist for the last shoot as HJ contrasts his “Mexican” style of adding Hwangbo’s hand-made vest, scarf and comic shop hat with HB’s beautiful white satin wedding gown – they truly look very odd yet very beautiful together

Wedding Photos Below!


Joongbo: Bobo? (credit: dcinside)


Joongbo: Love is like flying... (credit: dcinside)

Enjoying your company...

Enjoying your company...