So this is the end of the road for Andy and Solbi as a pretend married couple on the popular MBC Variety Show “We Got Married”.

They completed their last recording at an external location near the Ma Teok Region (rough romanisation) on the 12th of September. The sweet/mushy couple spent 7 months together on the program that started from the 16th of March, 2008.

Andy will be continuing with his musical “Polaroid” and Solbi will embark on her solo activities for her album. One of the new couples from the Cheoseouk Special will be chosen to be their replacement.

Translated by: londony @

Forever Ansol/Anbi/Andy and Solbi

Forever Ansol/Anbi/Andy and Solbi


Well it truly has been time well worth spent watching the blossoming relationship between this sweet Ansol couple, and it is completely sad that they are leaving the show (which we knew would come one day, but tried not think about). We will miss them terribly and I am grateful for all the fun and loving presence they brought to the show!

This blog was a place for mainly for all things Anbi and WGM and so will now feel very empty :S But as with most things in life an ending is another beginning.

Good luck to them with their current and future projects and who knows, maybe we will start to see them together in the future outside of the show? *wink*

I will be uploading some tribute videos for Ansol on my youtube video channel but with the recent crackdowns by MBC, KBS and so on I’m trying to be extra careful 🙂

Activity on this blog will still be mostly slow for now but I am active also on:

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