I felt this was another piece of important news to post for all WGM fans, especially Andy and Solbi fans:

... who will be next?

Uncertainty: ... who will be the next to go?

“The exit of Andy and Solbi is the most impacting, we did not decide so without their personal permission.”

– PD Kim (aka Public Enemy No.1 of WGM Fans)

On the 16th of September, Star News spoke to PD Kim of the Sunday night vareity show “We Got Married”.

In the very first episode of “We Got Married” that aired across the Lunar New Years as a special, the four couples – including Solbi and Hong Kyung Min, Alex and Jang Yoon Jung, Jang Hyung Don and Saori, Crown J and Seo In Young – exited the special by coming down a special ‘couple slide’ at the end of the episode.

PD Kim has confirmed that “Next Wednesday when they film the studio recording of WGM, the slide will be different to that shown in the first special. Whether the couples want to continue on the show is a decision for themselves. If the Ansol couple wanted to continue, then we would definitely let them do so.”

He also admitted that letting the Ansol couple leave from the show is a very difficult reality.

When Lee Hwi Jae and Jeo Yeong Jong left the show, there wasn’t really an explanation about their reasons, which left the audience feeling regretful at their exit. But on the recording on the 23rd of September, they will conduct the Ansol exit in a “Reminiscing Journey” style that will allow the couple to have a nostalgic reflection back on their “married life”.

The last episode contaiing the Ansol exit special will be shown on the 28th of September, 2008. They will confirm whether the other original couples will be staying or leaving.

In regards to the new couples that appeared in the Chuseouk Festival (Mid-Autumn Festival/Zhong Qiu Jie), PD Kim said that couples representing similar concepts to the existing four couples will have the least chance of appearing on the show as a regular. He also said that new couples popular with the audience are not guaranteed to appear on the show.

Translated by londony @ londonface.wordpress.com

Source: Star News, Yahoo Korea

Londony’s Rant:


Okay so more original couples leaving!!?? Also popular new couples “won’t necessarily appear on the show” – what kind of ‘smart’ marketing strategy is that!?? =.=;;;

Anbiholics – write that date in your calendar… since it’s probably one of the last times we see our favourite couple in WGM (unless they return, but who knows)

Other couples – I really hope no one else leaves, since their fanbase is pretty well established as well and I think WGM would face more fan revolts if any one else leaves!

New Couples – the new couple most similar in concept to orginals is probably Son Dambi and Marco – the model/romantic events/perfect couple who is a bit like Alex and Shinae (who is always more perfect in my view, kekeke). But once again the Hwanee/Hwayobi and other couple (whose name I have not bothered remembering) really has no appeal to me whatsoever.

Eeps.. I really am ranting a lot today but I guess it’s a long time coming in updating my blog πŸ˜›

The Only Positive News in the following – Solbi is still wearing her couple ring even yesterday (16th September 2008) … so Ansol lives on!

Ansol Lives On

Ansol Luv Lives On Despite WGM Exit! (Event: Movie Screening of "Orphaned")