The Decision to leave “We Got Married”… The last farewell recording’s loud tears

Ansol Farewell... Let the tears flow

Ansol Farewell... Let the tears flow

The singer Solbi cried painfully in the last recording of WGM during the exiting scene with Andy.

Solbi said that “With Andy, the production team really helped to accumulate deep sentiments between us. Of course without being on this program we will still meet on other programs, but I feel down thinking that this will be the last time on WGM.”

The Ansol couple has received an unsurpassable amount of support from the audience, however they have decided to exit the show to concentrate on their solo activities. Both Solbi and Andy had red eye sockets when shooting their last scene near Seoul.

Solbi also confirmed that “I feel constantly frustrated after deciding to leave the show. But me and Andy both have decided to whole-heartedly focus on other activities.”

Solbi has started activities for her first solo album “Do it Do it”.

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