Yes I have been neglecting Alshin updates for a while T_T… But they seem really natural with eachother now on WGM (maybe due to better PD cuts) and now all the couples seem pretty 110% compatible to me.

There were some small details from the Chuseok Special and other photos I wanted to share:

Perfectly Perfect Alshin <3

Perfectly Perfect Alshin ❤

^ (photo above) A quick summary of what happened during the KBS Awards Show of their interview:

When the interviewer asked Shinae who she was presenting the award with, she answered “Jin Suk ssi” (announcer from Star Golden Bell, who is married btw). Alex replied, “I feel at ease now, definitely at ease.” When Jin Suk was told of what Alex said, the only thing he could say to the camera was to his wife “Honey, I love you!” (lols at that!)

Let me *squee* while looking at their intimate whispers during the Chuseok Special:

… and also now their Namsan locks have been further attached by other locks (looking a bit tired =.=;;;)

Alshin Locks Update

Alshin Locks Update