Who is better…as a performer…as a singer…on WGM?

Son Dambi VS Solbi - Who will come out top?

Son Dambi VS Solbi - Who will come out top?

On the 21st of September, both Son Dambi and Solbi displayed their respective chair dance and sexy dance on SBS’s “Inki Gayo” music show.

Whereas Solbi changed from her image portrayed in her MV “Do it Do it” to a simpler sexy image with her well-coordinated and charismatic dance, Son Dambi also showed off her new and creative sexy concept in promoting her new single “Crazy”.

Other than the two ‘sexy image’ comparisons, the two can also be contrasted in terms of an original and new couple generation on the variety show “We Got Married”. The Sweet Anbi couple compared to the Perfect Model Marco-Dambi couple (I don’t know… MarSon/Marbi depending on which one sounds less weird to you).

… So who is better? Since their styles are vastly different, it depends which drift you flow with πŸ˜‰

Personally, I lean towards Solbi (obvious bias there tho, πŸ˜› )