What is Solbi Smiling At?

What is Solbi Smiling At?


Thanks to everyone who’s pointed this out! Sorry I was half-asleep last night when I posted this so I guess I was in a deluded state of mind about Anbi 😛 Aish.. me and my wishful thinking…

But yes Solbi was looking at a funny imitation of her at the GAG CONCERT!

p.s. Solbi is also looking prettier these days (in love … anbi love?? lol)

… of course she is smiling at ANDY!!! (or rather, Andy’s Musical “Polaroid”)

Solbi was spotted in the audience of Andy’s musical “Polaroid” – rather fulfilling her promise to see for herself whether he has a kiss scene with Honey Lee (keke).

So it seems clear now that they are continuing their courtship outside of the show now that they’re no longer only obligated to do couple tasks on TV! Do I hear a cheer somewhere?? Yahooooo! 🙂