… and London Face/Londony moving on…

Yes I have heard the sad news of Alex and Shinae leaving We Got Married – which ends my watching of the show since they were the only other couple I supported other than Ansol, of course.

Personally, even though this is the end of blogging for me for a while to come, I have enjoyed every moment of it and this blog was truly a place of nirvana when the real world was chaotic and confusing. The journey was made even better with all the friends I have made along the way πŸ™‚

So keep in touch! If the easiest way is through the comments via this blog, I will always check them regularly. Otherwise you can always email me at: londony face [at] gmail [dot] com (please change this into correct email form)

… and if you didn’t want to only address me by londony/londonface, my real name is Mary πŸ™‚

… and I will continue to upload videos on Youtube when I find anything interesting related to Ansol, WGM and Alshin

… See you later/Ciao/Au revoir/Zai Jian/Sayounara/Anneyon!! Best wishes to you in every endeavour of your life~