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Hi loyal readers and friends 🙂

I am once again buried under a lot of work now that uni has started ><

But currently I am also going to travel around Europe, continue learning French and martial arts and also fit in a bit of sleep here and there…

So I am moving my active operations mainly to my youtube channel – I will be uploading any live performances or clips that are relevant to Ansol or any interesting kdramas/variety show appearances!

Hope you’re all doing well!!! 🙂

Tribute Song:

Loveholic – Separation Is Not Separation [Download Here]

Separation is Not Separation...

Separation is Not Separation...

Long time no update (again) >< … But I’ve been putting it off in posting a reflection of Ep 28 since tears were aplenty in my case, Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve just watched the subbed episode by Muish (thanks a bunch~) and think that the episode falls short of my expectations for a last WGM tribute to Andy-Solbi. Their cut was much shorter compared to other couples, and considering that they’re the only confirmed couple leaving – shouldn’t they deserve more screen time? Let’s hope they will appear more in the next episode…

Andy’s Tears:

Everything is going to be alright...?

Anbi Whispers: Everything is going to be alright...?

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Fantasy Couple: Ansol!

Firstly, this is a translation of the Andy-Solbi couple cuts from the MBC Show “Fantasy Couple” that was shown on the 21st of September. I wanted to translate (despite heavy workloads at uni) because us Anbiholics seriously need a bit of cheering up right now!

I will do translations when I have time – and currently don’t have that much so no further requests please.

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Who is better…as a performer…as a singer…on WGM?

Son Dambi VS Solbi - Who will come out top?

Son Dambi VS Solbi - Who will come out top?

On the 21st of September, both Son Dambi and Solbi displayed their respective chair dance and sexy dance on SBS’s “Inki Gayo” music show.

Whereas Solbi changed from her image portrayed in her MV “Do it Do it” to a simpler sexy image with her well-coordinated and charismatic dance, Son Dambi also showed off her new and creative sexy concept in promoting her new single “Crazy”.

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What is Solbi Smiling At?

What is Solbi Smiling At?

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The Decision to leave “We Got Married”… The last farewell recording’s loud tears

Ansol Farewell... Let the tears flow

Ansol Farewell... Let the tears flow

The singer Solbi cried painfully in the last recording of WGM during the exiting scene with Andy. Read the rest of this entry »

Mood: Angry, but Hopeful 🙂

Songs of the Week (set on repeat on my ipod):

Orange Sky – Alexi Murdoch (as some may remember from the OC Mix)

[Download Here]

More Songs and Photos Below:

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I felt this was another piece of important news to post for all WGM fans, especially Andy and Solbi fans:

... who will be next?

Uncertainty: ... who will be the next to go?

“The exit of Andy and Solbi is the most impacting, we did not decide so without their personal permission.”

– PD Kim (aka Public Enemy No.1 of WGM Fans)

On the 16th of September, Star News spoke to PD Kim of the Sunday night vareity show “We Got Married”.

In the very first episode of “We Got Married” Read the rest of this entry »


So this is the end of the road for Andy and Solbi as a pretend married couple on the popular MBC Variety Show “We Got Married”.

They completed their last recording at an external location near the Ma Teok Region (rough romanisation) on the 12th of September. The sweet/mushy couple spent 7 months together on the program that started from the 16th of March, 2008.

Andy will be continuing with his musical “Polaroid” and Solbi will embark on her solo activities for her album. One of the new couples from the Cheoseouk Special will be chosen to be their replacement.

Translated by: londony @

Forever Ansol/Anbi/Andy and Solbi

Forever Ansol/Anbi/Andy and Solbi

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