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I’ve finally arrived in London, UK!!! 🙂 … thus reason for not watching WGM and the late posting – the 23 hour plane trip!

My first time coming here and I also stopped in Singapore for a while – all I can say is: am loving it – fantastic places indeed!!! Contrasting weather though…

Wanted to share some photos with y’all (all touristy and yes my photography is only amateur keke, the weather was a bit cloudy today as well, how typical!):

Tower of London Bridge

Tower of London Bridge

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Due to my own reasons, I am putting the blog on hiatus for the moment. The blog and youtube channel will still be here but will mostly be inactive. I hope this is only temporary but cannot say for certain.

Thanks to all the friends I’ve made in the last one month and a half (yes it’s only been less than two months!) who I appreciate for all your encouragement and support. A special mention to the Anbiholics Family at Soompi, the great Anbiholics Subbing Team and a few personal mentions: dani, bern and amie. A very huge thanks to Alvin/Coolsmurf who blasted my blog into the existence of readers by mentioning it in his very popular blog.

The good news is that there are many kind people out there who are picking up WGM subs and news, as the last week has shown many impressive fans taking the initiative to continue the subs due to Korean Subutd closing. I do apologise for some unfulfilled promises re: translating and subbing, but please do understand that this was a difficult decision to make.

It was the best of times and adieu, adieu, adieu my dear friends… until next we meet.

Usually when I think of musicals/opera/the theatre in general I tend to snore and find a nice spot to sleep. But last night I went to the Capitol Theatre in Sydney, Australia and saw one musical I definitely don’t regret seeing: Billy Elliot the Musical! Was I wrong generally about musicals? hm….

In Everything I Do, I’ll Always Be Myself.

– lyrics from Billy Elliot, the Musical.

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Today should be one of the worst days of my life – pulled out tooth, ran from the station to the library in the cold, mouth bleeding along the way, no food for the entire day – but the fact I survived has nicely outweighed all the other negatives.

Yes this blog is to updated friends and randoms on the progress of my trip to London! How very exciting 😛 More music and random stuff will be posted before my ‘proper’ adventure to london begins. Enjoy!

Here’s a song that fits the mood today – meaningful, yet a tad depressing = INDIE
The Feeling is a British band from Sussex, London (how appropriate) and this song was what launched them into the apparently ‘pop’ music scene… where as I view it as being just purely INDIE. Whatever.

The Feeling – Sewn (2007)


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