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Tribute Song:

Loveholic – Separation Is Not Separation [Download Here]

Separation is Not Separation...

Separation is Not Separation...

Long time no update (again) >< … But I’ve been putting it off in posting a reflection of Ep 28 since tears were aplenty in my case, Read the rest of this entry »

Mood: Reflective, Hint of Excitment Amongst Uncertainty πŸ™‚

Song: You and Me (ζˆ‘ε’Œδ½ οΌ‰- Liu HuanΒ (刘欒) and Sarah Brightman [Download Here]

(from the Beijing Olympics 2008 Opening Ceremony Soundtrack… of which I cried at least once upon hearing this track T_T” )

Memories ... and creation of new ones

Memories ... and creation of new ones

Hope everyone had a fantastic week!!

Other than the normal boring stuff, this has been a week of change to mark the beginning of growth and maturity (which, of course is almost always overrated and lame, but necessary). One word to describe my week is in capitals: STRESS!

However I’m glad to have resumed blogging and have lapped up all the great comments hehe πŸ™‚

On a sad note, I won’t be available this Sunday to watch the last Andy-Solbi WGM episode at all! 😦 … *extremely annoyed* So I will have to wait a few days later to catch up on the news and the episode – I have a sneaky feeling that tears may flow…

But all in all, the future is looking bright and the puzzle pieces have started to fit into the larger picture!

I say: Bring it on!

Mood: Angry, but Hopeful πŸ™‚

Songs of the Week (set on repeat on my ipod):

Orange Sky – Alexi Murdoch (as some may remember from the OC Mix)

[Download Here]

More Songs and Photos Below:

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Song of the Day: Good Bye Baby – Big Bang (2006) [Download]

(Decided to try something different today – K-RnB πŸ™‚ I generally avoid much-hyped about groups but after hearing their song ‘Haru Haru’ released recently I became a BB-addict!)

Difficulty of Growth and Maturity

Necessary: Difficulty of Growth and Maturity

So many things have happened this week related to shedding our existing skin and moving onto greater things – and of course the sadness/anger/denial related to every event. But

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In regards to changes to the blog,

1. I will be subbing all the previews for WGM for sure, the new one for Ep 23 is uploaded on my Youtube channel here: WGM Ep 23 Preview [Eng Sub] – in High Quality

If you find this video uploaded anywhere else, it’s been stolen. (I’m taking a tougher stance on this)

2. All the requested songs will now be uploaded in the side bar – file folder. So for those who requested yesterday’s song: Navi ft. Tablo – I Love You, you will find it there! To download, simply click on the arrow on that song! (If you can’t access this, please tell me and I’ll fix the problem) If you are using NoScript in Firefox – please enable

I’ve also uploaded some of Deserts Chang’s other songs due the popularity from posting her song of the day! Please check my folder often for more songs of the day!

Hi everyone, I realise I’ve been inactive for most of this week — blame it on the engineering takeover of my life T_T… If you’re thinking about what being an engineering student is all about, just think piles of lecture notes, tutorials, calculations, and WORST OF ALL…. simultaneous group projects!!!

"Aza Aza Hwaiting!"

Caption: "Aza Aza Hwaiting!"

I haven’t forgotten about WGM, Anbi, Alshin, or any other K-Pop news – it’s just that I’ve been under a pile of work so I didn’t have time to upload and sub everything YET. So here is a quick status update:

Subbing Projects:

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Riding the wave of popularity and being Rivals

Seo In Young and Solbi: Popular Rivals

Two of the female stars of the Sunday night variety show “We Got Married”, Solbi and Seo In Young, will soon begin to compete in their roles as MCs in their respective music programs.

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... feeling a bit ignored

The Legend: ... feeling a bit ignored?

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Song of the Day:

Chui Chui Feng (Enjoying the Breeze) by Gary Cao [Download Here]

Wah… Is it Thursday already? Well to ease this hectic/busy week, here’s the perfect light hearted song that celebrates new love, especially for all the WGM couples, hehe. A very very cheerful tune with a rhythmic beat will definitely make your day brighter! –From the ‘Fated to Love You’ soundtrack of the popular Taiwanese Drama.

Another lame pun, hehe.

How Far Will They Go?: Note Anbi and CJ/In Young closeness πŸ™‚ see the differences in couples' seating distance

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his is song is another rhythmic creation from the ingenious Korean rap trio “Epik High” – however paradoxical with its heart-breaking lyrics. The end result is a mixed- emotional song that embodies the ambiguity of the ever-fickle human emotions.

(lol I sound deep) Anyways I’ve linked the offical music video video and the fan-made english subbed videos below, enjoy! – credits to TheAsianMission!

Epik High with Younha – UMBRELLA Official MV with English Subs:

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