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So this is the end of the road for Andy and Solbi as a pretend married couple on the popular MBC Variety Show “We Got Married”.

They completed their last recording at an external location near the Ma Teok Region (rough romanisation) on the 12th of September. The sweet/mushy couple spent 7 months together on the program that started from the 16th of March, 2008.

Andy will be continuing with his musical “Polaroid” and Solbi will embark on her solo activities for her album. One of the new couples from the Cheoseouk Special will be chosen to be their replacement.

Translated by: londony @

Forever Ansol/Anbi/Andy and Solbi

Forever Ansol/Anbi/Andy and Solbi

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Due to my own reasons, I am putting the blog on hiatus for the moment. The blog and youtube channel will still be here but will mostly be inactive. I hope this is only temporary but cannot say for certain.

Thanks to all the friends I’ve made in the last one month and a half (yes it’s only been less than two months!) who I appreciate for all your encouragement and support. A special mention to the Anbiholics Family at Soompi, the great Anbiholics Subbing Team and a few personal mentions: dani, bern and amie. A very huge thanks to Alvin/Coolsmurf who blasted my blog into the existence of readers by mentioning it in his very popular blog.

The good news is that there are many kind people out there who are picking up WGM subs and news, as the last week has shown many impressive fans taking the initiative to continue the subs due to Korean Subutd closing. I do apologise for some unfulfilled promises re: translating and subbing, but please do understand that this was a difficult decision to make.

It was the best of times and adieu, adieu, adieu my dear friends… until next we meet.

Micro-Summary This Week:

Andy & Solbi

Continuing with the birthday party, Solbi shows up with the surprise guest Alex to her mother’s delight. Alex charms all the ladies by singing “Like A Child” and dancing the ‘Heart Dance’ with Andy. Father-in-law feels a bit jilted by the complements Solbi’s Omma pays to Alex and goes out of the room for some air (men’s toilet break) while Andy calms him down. Overall the birthday party is a smashing success!

Alex & Shinae

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If you visited my youtube channel yesterday/today, you will have noticed I uploaded part 1 of WGM Ep 22 subbed by Muish – this was to appease people on youtube who were worried about WGM’s future subbings. I will not be uploading entire episodes any further since TungTung FanSubs have picked up the series.

I really wanted to post this extract from coolsmurf about subbing – please keep this in mind when you want to request subbings from any translators or subbers:

KoreanSubUtd has apparently stopped subbing “We Got Married” and that has left many non-Korean fans of the show hanging in the air. A minority of you seems to think that translating and subbing is as easy as A-B-C or 1-2-3. But, frankly it involves lots of dedication, hardwork and most crucially time. So don’t just keep posting when is it coming out, etc. It just get on the nerves and the subbers are not obliged to do the subbing but they are doing it for you.

– Coolsmurf Domain”

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WGM’s Hyun Joong-Hwang Bo and Andy-Solbi begin their farming experience

Surprise! Alex shows up!!!

Surprise! Alex shows up!!! (credit: Luv @ Soompi)

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We Got Married 14 September Autumn Festival Special – 120 Minutes

The Couples... Plus Pepero!!! Wow~

The Couples... Plus Pepero!!! Wow~

To celebrate the Autumn Festival on September 14, the production team will present a brand new couple in the first part of the special, and the incumbent four couples will appear in the second part of the show in a “Q&A” game.

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*Updated* NEW Parts 2 and 3 now linked!

Now uploaded onto Youtube courtesy of our Anbiholics Subbing Team!! (we are currently hiring if any one is interested in helping out!)

Thanks to: especially sunstar for timing/encoding, bern for translating and everyone else who helped out!!!

We Got Married Ep.22 Studio Cut

More Videos Linked (all parts now up!):

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I think this was the longest part – sorry to those who waited up!!! Anyways here’s the final part!

The Happy Couple and Andy's Surprise Event

The Happy Couple and Andy's Surprise Event

[On this side.. Korean-Chinese Restaurant]

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Song: I Love You – Navi ft. Tablo (2007)

Tomboy Solbi and a very happy Anseobang

Tomboy Solbi and a very happy Anseobang

I’ve subbed 99.9% of the last part since it’s really significant for Anbi!

Keys: *location*, (personal notes), [captions on screen]

** Whole family looking at Solbi’s Photos

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Who could the new couple be?

Fill in the blank: Who could the new couple be?

So yes it’s true!

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