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Part 1: Banana Boat

Andy - What are you doing?

Worried Solbi and Evil Don Don: Andy - What are you doing?

Keys: [text on screen], (additional description, my random comments) *location/action*

[Training for the Banana Boat]

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more squeeeeeeeeeee!

I Can't Let You Go: more squeeeeeeeeeee!

앤디♡솔비 : 말썽쟁이 아이들과 함께하는 앤디엄마의 바캉스!! 계곡에서도, 캠핑장에서도!! 과일 나르랴, 일행 챙 기랴~ 정신없는 앤디엄마! 말썽쟁이 형돈의 뒤치다꺼리도 묵묵히!! 모두를 위한 저녁식사 준비도 꼼꼼하게!! 하지만 솔비는 일만하 는 남편이 안쓰럽고~ 내심 섭섭한 마음을 감출 수 없는데…애들뒤치다꺼리에 지친 앤디엄마와 철부지 솔비의 하루는 어떻게 마무리될 까?

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Return of Don Don??

Link To Preview: (upload on the London Face Youtube Channel

(Sometimes embedded video doesn’t work – try refreshing 🙂 Otherwise direct link above works yay! )

Posted on London Face Youtube Channel! (Click More… For Screenshots and SNEAK PREVIEWS!)

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