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Song: I Love You – Navi ft. Tablo (2007)

Tomboy Solbi and a very happy Anseobang

Tomboy Solbi and a very happy Anseobang

I’ve subbed 99.9% of the last part since it’s really significant for Anbi!

Keys: *location*, (personal notes), [captions on screen]

** Whole family looking at Solbi’s Photos

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Song of the Day: Precious (寶貝) (in a day) – Deserts Chang ( 张悬) (2006)

[Download Here]

(One of the best/leading alternative Chinese singers on the scene, her songs are gently emotional and her voice is truly pure music. Highly enjoyable and reflective.)

Anyways here is today’s part, yayay!! 🙂

Not a Knot? and tiny tiny Solbi (on the right), cute!

Not a Knot? and tiny tiny Solbi (on the right), cute!

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No one else but you... and of One Mind

Anbi Style: No one else but you... and of One Mind (credit: steff)

For those who requested Clazziquai’s song “I Will Give You Everything“, here is the download link.

PLEASE NOTE: This week I’m only translating the main/more interesting parts of Andy and Solbi, so not everything is translated! I will probably upload the subbed videos of some parts onto my youtube channel. Please also note that I am not taking any more requests this week for subbing/translating – I’m very stretched for time so will try my best with everything I have on my plate. But please check this blog and the lond0nface youtube channel for updates! 🙂

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Ran out of time this week, but here is a brief summary of the couples:

MISSION THIS WEEK (except Joongbo): To Relax After The Holidays

Andy and Solbi

Solbi's attempt at ties and the surprise appearance by Solbi's mum!

Intimacy: Solbi's attempt at Andy's tie and her mum's surprise appearance! (Credit: Steff - thanks for the great caps!)

It’s Solbi’s mum’s birthday on the 9th! The Ansol couple gets busy planning presents and a surprise party and the whole family arrives (Dad, Mum, and Unni) and embarrasses Solbi with her photo from younger days, lol 😛 Andy looks super super nervous while this is all happening, lol. They go to the restaurant and Andy goes out of his way to surprise his mother-in-law with a cake while singing ‘Happy Birthday’ at the same time – how sweet! (Sneak Preview: Alex is called in to surprise Solbi’s mum for the next epi! Solbi’s dad gets a bit cranky tho at the mention of Alex lol)

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I’ve english subbed two things today:

1. My favourite scene out of epi 21!!! – Alex and Shinae on the Beach 🙂 Gotta love’em! (credits to thenatstory and I also added a bit more detailed subs yay!)

2. Episode 22 Preview (I’ve noticed other people *ehem not mentioning names* re-uploading my videos – please do not do so without permission – I try my best to sub things when I have time so it was an unpleasant surprise to find it  elsewhere with no credit mentioned)

They are all now available on my Lond0nface Youtube Channel.

Note: I will also be uploading all my videos onto another server soon for download by everyone –> please wait patiently 😀 … and more subs coming this weekend/next week in the absence of WGM (that is… if ppl stop reuploading my vids)

Unsubbed for now, will update the English Subbed Version later:

To note:

– Andy & Solbi and Solbi’s parents: Cake and Candles for Solbi’s mum’s Birthday? … and Solbi’s sister visits!

– Crown J’s Guest Appearance in Seo In Young’s “Cinderella” Performance

– Alex & Shinae having a fun carwash (washing away the awkwardness!)

– wwoow Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong’s Wedding Photoshoot!

The Wedding Photoshoot for the WGM couple Hwang Bo and Kim Hyung Joong will be aired on the 10th of August. The actual shoot was completed very late in the day on the 29th of July.

Their shoot seems to have a completely different flavour from the other couples:

.. Hyung Joong wearing Hwang Buin's Hand-made Scarf and Vest!

Mexicana Love: .. Hyung Joong wearing Hwang Buin's Hand-made Scarf and Vest!

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