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Solbi currently in front!

Solbi currently in front!

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Who pops the lollipop best? Lee Hyori vs Sol Bi


Is it that similar to Christina Aguilera’s MV? You be the judge.

Lee Hyori – U Go Girl

Credit: roseltv

Christina Aguilera – Candyman

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News Translation:

솔비 하차,솔비도 ‘상플’ 하차… 이지애 아나 MC 투입

그룹 타이푼의 멤버 솔비가 이효리에 이어 KBS 2TV <상상플러스>에서 하차할 전망이다.

솔비는 최근 KBS 2TV <상상플러스 시즌2>(연출 윤현준ㆍ이하 상플)가 새롭게 MC를 바꾸고 재정비함에 따라 하차를 결정했다.

솔비는 지난 4월 이효리 탁재훈 신정환 등이 <상플>을 이끌어가던 중 MC로 합류했다. 솔비는 3개월간 MC로 활약했다. 그는 솔직하면서도 엉뚱한 언변으로 이효리에 못 지 않은 입담을 자랑했다.

<상플>의 제작진은 이효리와 솔비의 퇴장으로 KBS 이지애 아나운서를 MC로 투입했다. 하지만 MC체계가 어떻게 재정비 될지는 미정이다.

Typhoon member Solbi and Lee Hyori have decided to leave KBS 2 TV Station’s “Sang Sang Plus”.

Recently Sang Sang Plus will be changing MCs, thus Solbi decided to leave the program. In April, Solbi became the MC along with Lee Hyori, Shin Jung Hwan and Tak Jae Hoon. Solbi was on the show for 3 months, her frank nature and the presence of Lee Hyori have generated interest for the show.*(please see note below)

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