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The Wedding Photoshoot for the WGM couple Hwang Bo and Kim Hyung Joong will be aired on the 10th of August. The actual shoot was completed very late in the day on the 29th of July.

Their shoot seems to have a completely different flavour from the other couples:

.. Hyung Joong wearing Hwang Buin's Hand-made Scarf and Vest!

Mexicana Love: .. Hyung Joong wearing Hwang Buin's Hand-made Scarf and Vest!

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Alex♡Shinae: The first time that Shinae cries!! Alex’s reaction is …??

The Alshin couple enjoying a romantic holiday~ Being friendly with the letteuce couple and preparing a wine party…

But when the husbands go out to shop, is there anything odd between the wives remaining in the house? Seeing the coldness between Shinae and Hwang Bo, the unknowing Alex sees Shinae crying…

What really happned between the two wives? What will be Alex’s reaction seeing his wife’s tears?

Okay Here’s What Happened in Ep 19!!!

Hyun Joong/Hwang Bo:

Hwang Bo wakes up Hyung Joong!!!… and the rest of SS501 who are less than willing to get out of bed! 😛 However she manages to ‘drag’ them out of bed and also makes a delicous breakfast for everyone despite someone evil bothering her (aka Jung Min) and has fun with some cool tricks hehe. Later on she goes to record a song with Hyung Joong before her return to Korean – and her ‘sexy/husky voice’ makes an appearance!

Seo In Young/Crown J:

Crown J takes the needle (out of love) for In Young!!! Afterwards they go to the markets for some cheering-up shopping therapy lol. Crown J shows his conservative side by being concerned at In Young’s revealing choices of outfits! They have a nice meal at the markets and In Young reflects that Crown J really acted bravely for her.


You have see it to believe it!!! Omona!

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