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I’ve finally arrived in London, UK!!! 🙂 … thus reason for not watching WGM and the late posting – the 23 hour plane trip!

My first time coming here and I also stopped in Singapore for a while – all I can say is: am loving it – fantastic places indeed!!! Contrasting weather though…

Wanted to share some photos with y’all (all touristy and yes my photography is only amateur keke, the weather was a bit cloudy today as well, how typical!):

Tower of London Bridge

Tower of London Bridge

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Finally Finished!!! Will be subbed soon –> Please check back for updates. 🙂

Song of the Day: Umbrella – Epik High [Download Here]

(The most repeated song on my playlist right now)

Part 4: Bonfire Conversation Time

Andy with their couple ring, Solbi in her 4D mode

Contemplate This: Andy with their couple ring, Solbi in her 4D mode

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Can you believe it? I actually bothered creating an user account just for this new-ish blog! Wow I actually didn’t think I would get anyone reading this blog but I’m getting a healthy no. of visitors daily – hope you’re enjoying what you find here and I’ll strive for more exciting updates!

lond0nface (getting a bit creative with numbers here)

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