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Riding the wave of popularity and being Rivals

Seo In Young and Solbi: Popular Rivals

Two of the female stars of the Sunday night variety show “We Got Married”, Solbi and Seo In Young, will soon begin to compete in their roles as MCs in their respective music programs.

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Some fans have taken photos of Andy and Solbi’s off-screen interaction while they weren’t being filmed on Music Core while being co-MCs. They look very comfortable with eachother (perhaps not being filmed by WGM camera crew so close up helps 😛 )!!

I’ve also taken the liberty of adding my own interpretation of Andy and Solbi’s conversation during their co-MC episode of Music Core — NOTE THIS IS ONLY MY IMAGINATION, NOT WHAT THEY ACTUALLY SAID! hehe! You’re also welcome to comment on what YOU THINK Andy said!! 😉

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Waah I’ve been trying to find subbed cuts for Solbi’s MC Cuts for agggeees, but yes I’ve finally found these subbed by theREALiVIPSUBS!!

I’ve linked some videos with ‘We Got Married’ References to Andy and Alex below, enjoy:

(July 5 2008 ) DaeRi + Solbi + GD + TOP Music Core MC Cuts [Eng Subbed]

Solbi is sad that it’s Andy’s last performance at Music Core (before he heads over to Paris) and Big Bang performs a magic show as well! (at about time 3:03)


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