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... and others cut off?

One Perfect Moment: ... and others cut off?

(my favorite scene out of the entire episode!)

… as expected, they cut off Alex/Shinae’s more intimate interactions AGAIN, apparently this is what went on that we DIDN’T get to see:
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Thanks to thenatstory from Soompi for a very speedy and excellent translation, our hats off to you:

*updated* now with more Joongbo parts, once again thanks to  the excellent thenatstory!

Song of the Day: New Soul – Yael Naim [Download Here]

(played during scene of Alshin bathroom scene – catchy song!)

Boat Dance Display and Shinae Blowdrying Alex's Hair (Credits: Luv @ Soompi)

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Apparently there is an article floating around saying that the PDs on the show “We Got Married” are thinking of ‘expanding the family structure’… another word for ‘adding a kid to each family’!!??

Married Anbi Couple + Child!!??

Summary of the Korean Article:
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After watching the preview, my first thought was: Ah-oh!!! between Shinae and Hwangbo!

But that turns out not to be the case with this following CYWORLD UPDATE posted by Shinae on Hwang Bo’s wall:

언니언니언니언니언니언니언니~~~ 보고파용^^ (조신해? 조신애)


Unni, Unni, Unni, Unni, Unni, Unni, Unni ~~~ Missing you ^^ (Be more quiet? Choi Shinae)

So the two are good friends lol 😀 and I’ll look forward to seeing what mischievous concoction these two cook up to surprise and shock their respective husbands this Sunday!

Photos From Shinae’s Return from the Himalaya Mountains (wah… who knew she went there?? Amazing!)

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Alex♡Shinae: The first time that Shinae cries!! Alex’s reaction is …??

The Alshin couple enjoying a romantic holiday~ Being friendly with the letteuce couple and preparing a wine party…

But when the husbands go out to shop, is there anything odd between the wives remaining in the house? Seeing the coldness between Shinae and Hwang Bo, the unknowing Alex sees Shinae crying…

What really happned between the two wives? What will be Alex’s reaction seeing his wife’s tears?

Firstly, the good news:

We Got Married Ep 20 has been fully translated by Korean Subutd –> It’s loaded up on youtube by roseltv. .

Secondly, the bad news:

Our second spark of hope of ‘coolsmurf2’ has also been officially suspended by youtube for the second time, as outlined by Alvin/coolsmurf on his blog. It appears that Youtube and SBS Intl. are adamant on holding a grudge against all useful international marketing they are getting from their biggest youtube asset, and so we must leave them to their stupidity. (wow and I’m usually a civil person) But please do not give up hope yet and encourage Alvin/coolsmurf even if it’s just a simple message of support on his comment board. Thank you!

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This was not done by me but by jaejoonie ❤ from the Soompi forums – all credits goes to you and thanks very much! I thought if other people didn’t have access to the translation, here it is:

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1. New MC Kang Soo Jung

Part 1: Andy/Solbi, Crown J/Seo In Young, Hwang Bo/Hyung Joong, Alex/Shinae

Summary: Introduction of the Mission – Double Date, yay!

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Woooo! Thanks to baidu I got these great photos of Alex and Shinae’s offscreen interaction – yay they’re having fun (which we didn’t get to see)!!!

Alshin Standing Close ;)

Popsicle Fun!: Alshin Standing Close 😉 CLICK TO ENLARGE

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🙂 In the episode of MBC’s ‘Lovely Day’ which aired on the 23rd, Alex’s mother has told the production crew that she likes Shinae to be her daugther-in-law. The crew asked her, “What do you think about Shinae as a daughter-in-law?” and she replied, “I like her. Even though they are an artificial couple I always think how nice it would be if she was really my daugther-in-law”.
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