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1. New MC Kang Soo Jung

Part 1: Andy/Solbi, Crown J/Seo In Young, Hwang Bo/Hyung Joong, Alex/Shinae

Summary: Introduction of the Mission – Double Date, yay!

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Update and Announcement:

1. The FULL EPISODE (without subs) of Ansol WGM Special is NOW UPLOADED ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL! Yahoooooeeee! hehe.

2. In terms of subbing, etc. this is the plan:

– I will be subbing/translating Solbi’s Yoyumanman special that was on KBS2, though this may take a while since university/college has started again over here in Oz.

– Unfortunately due to time constraints, I will not be subbing any videos for WGM and the summer special since most of the clips and episodes have been subbed by either coolsmurf or roseltv already. However I will be posting up translation on Anbi parts the Monday after a new WGM episode.

IMPORTANT: Coolsmurf’s Youtube Account has been suspended… what the? Please leave a message of thanks on his blog to support coolsmurf for his immense hardwork over the LAST TWO YEARS – I applaud you, coolsmurf!

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앤디♡솔비 : 꽉 채운 아이스박스와 함께 바캉스를 떠나는 살림꾼 앤솔부부~

알뜰 살림꾼 앤솔부부!
아이스박스에 시원한 음료수와 간식을 가득 채우고 출발~
여행 시작부터 국민닭살부부의 진가를 마음껏 발휘하는 두 사람!!
보는 이를 몸서리치게 만드는 이 부부의 닭살행각의 끝은 어디??
한편, 앤디는 또 한번 누군가를 초대하는데..
대파란을 몰고 올 문제의 손님은??


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Andy’s Schedule for August:

[2008.08.05]  [녹화]MBC 일밤-우리 결혼했어요  [Filming] MBC We Got Married!

[2008.08.11]  [녹화]MBC 일밤-우리 결혼했어요  [Filming] MBC We Got Married!

[2008.08.19]  [녹화]MBC 일밤-우리 결혼했어요  [Filming] MBC We Got Married!

… which means WGM will at least last til the end of August/beginning of September, can I hear a yahoo!!!!?

– An honest explanation/answer to the question and rumour “Are Andy and Solbi really dating?”

Broadcast Only?

Andy & Solbi: Broadcast Only?

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Excitement! Ansol/Anbi fans in Korea have once AGAIN presented delicious gifts to the now semi-real couple, and we have another couple ring sighting, this time during …

For photos and more CLICK BELOW:

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Some fans have taken photos of Andy and Solbi’s off-screen interaction while they weren’t being filmed on Music Core while being co-MCs. They look very comfortable with eachother (perhaps not being filmed by WGM camera crew so close up helps 😛 )!!

I’ve also taken the liberty of adding my own interpretation of Andy and Solbi’s conversation during their co-MC episode of Music Core — NOTE THIS IS ONLY MY IMAGINATION, NOT WHAT THEY ACTUALLY SAID! hehe! You’re also welcome to comment on what YOU THINK Andy said!! 😉

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Solbi & Kim Jong Wook – Way Back Into Love (higher quality video updated)

Solbi looks beautiful here… like a princess! 🙂 Her singing is awesome as well hehe (also near the end another potentially jealous scene for Andy???)

Credit to 33hany!

... but not without conflict

Mother-Daughter Love: ... but not without conflict.

Solbi’s mother confessed, ‘When Solbi was born she was a premature baby who only weighed 2 kg… we were going to give up hope on her.’ On the 25th of July (to be aired), Solbi and her mum will have their first-ever joint appearance on KBS2’s talk show. This is a continuation of Solbi’s parents’ appearance in the popular variety show “We Got Married”. Solbi’s mum revealed intimate details about Solbi’s birth on the show.

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Broadcasts every Saturday for two weeks:

Song of the Day:

Jason Mraz – I’m Yours (2008 ) [This song was played during Alex and Shinae’s Scenes in Episode 19!! – very sweet and poppy tune for you to enjoy the rest of your day/night!]

[Download Here]

Sorry here is the CORRECT DATES VERSION (lol oopsies and thanks to the commenters who pointed this out!)

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