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Micro-Summary This Week:

Andy & Solbi

Continuing with the birthday party, Solbi shows up with the surprise guest Alex to her mother’s delight. Alex charms all the ladies by singing “Like A Child” and dancing the ‘Heart Dance’ with Andy. Father-in-law feels a bit jilted by the complements Solbi’s Omma pays to Alex and goes out of the room for some air (men’s toilet break) while Andy calms him down. Overall the birthday party is a smashing success!

Alex & Shinae

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Song of the Day: Precious (寶貝) (in a day) – Deserts Chang ( 张悬) (2006)

[Download Here]

(One of the best/leading alternative Chinese singers on the scene, her songs are gently emotional and her voice is truly pure music. Highly enjoyable and reflective.)

Anyways here is today’s part, yayay!! 🙂

Not a Knot? and tiny tiny Solbi (on the right), cute!

Not a Knot? and tiny tiny Solbi (on the right), cute!

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Ran out of time this week, but here is a brief summary of the couples:

MISSION THIS WEEK (except Joongbo): To Relax After The Holidays

Andy and Solbi

Solbi's attempt at ties and the surprise appearance by Solbi's mum!

Intimacy: Solbi's attempt at Andy's tie and her mum's surprise appearance! (Credit: Steff - thanks for the great caps!)

It’s Solbi’s mum’s birthday on the 9th! The Ansol couple gets busy planning presents and a surprise party and the whole family arrives (Dad, Mum, and Unni) and embarrasses Solbi with her photo from younger days, lol 😛 Andy looks super super nervous while this is all happening, lol. They go to the restaurant and Andy goes out of his way to surprise his mother-in-law with a cake while singing ‘Happy Birthday’ at the same time – how sweet! (Sneak Preview: Alex is called in to surprise Solbi’s mum for the next epi! Solbi’s dad gets a bit cranky tho at the mention of Alex lol)

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Part 2: Mountain Vacation


In the mountains...: Two couples and the odd one out 😛

[Ansol, Ant Couple and Don Don trying to find the Ravine]

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Thanks to thenatstory from Soompi for a very speedy and excellent translation, our hats off to you:

*updated* now with more Joongbo parts, once again thanks to  the excellent thenatstory!

Song of the Day: New Soul – Yael Naim [Download Here]

(played during scene of Alshin bathroom scene – catchy song!)

Boat Dance Display and Shinae Blowdrying Alex's Hair (Credits: Luv @ Soompi)

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Kekeke… I’ve uploaded Hwang Bo and Shin Ae’s “Shocking Unveiling” on My Youtube Channel.

Due to some constructive criticism and also time constraints, I’ve quickly summarised + posted screencaps today 🙂

more skinship!!

We don't need words: more Andy & Solbi skinship!!

Andy/Solbi and Crown J/Seo In Young (+ Don Don):
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Unsubbed for now, will update the English Subbed Version later:

To note:

– Andy & Solbi and Solbi’s parents: Cake and Candles for Solbi’s mum’s Birthday? … and Solbi’s sister visits!

– Crown J’s Guest Appearance in Seo In Young’s “Cinderella” Performance

– Alex & Shinae having a fun carwash (washing away the awkwardness!)

– wwoow Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong’s Wedding Photoshoot!

Alex♡Shinae: The first time that Shinae cries!! Alex’s reaction is …??

The Alshin couple enjoying a romantic holiday~ Being friendly with the letteuce couple and preparing a wine party…

But when the husbands go out to shop, is there anything odd between the wives remaining in the house? Seeing the coldness between Shinae and Hwang Bo, the unknowing Alex sees Shinae crying…

What really happned between the two wives? What will be Alex’s reaction seeing his wife’s tears?

more squeeeeeeeeeee!

I Can't Let You Go: more squeeeeeeeeeee!

앤디♡솔비 : 말썽쟁이 아이들과 함께하는 앤디엄마의 바캉스!! 계곡에서도, 캠핑장에서도!! 과일 나르랴, 일행 챙 기랴~ 정신없는 앤디엄마! 말썽쟁이 형돈의 뒤치다꺼리도 묵묵히!! 모두를 위한 저녁식사 준비도 꼼꼼하게!! 하지만 솔비는 일만하 는 남편이 안쓰럽고~ 내심 섭섭한 마음을 감출 수 없는데…애들뒤치다꺼리에 지친 앤디엄마와 철부지 솔비의 하루는 어떻게 마무리될 까?

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Last Part!! Finisheeeed *about to faint* I’m glad I’ve brightened up the day for some of you though!! hehe 🙂

looking even prettier these days!

Bright Solbi: looking even prettier these days!

** Fun Water Activities Begin! [On the other hand, Jeopen]

MC: Many people don’t dare to do it.

[Husbands take wake-boarding challenge]

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