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Firstly, the good news:

We Got Married Ep 20 has been fully translated by Korean Subutd –> It’s loaded up on youtube by roseltv. .

Secondly, the bad news:

Our second spark of hope of ‘coolsmurf2’ has also been officially suspended by youtube for the second time, as outlined by Alvin/coolsmurf on his blog. It appears that Youtube and SBS Intl. are adamant on holding a grudge against all useful international marketing they are getting from their biggest youtube asset, and so we must leave them to their stupidity. (wow and I’m usually a civil person) But please do not give up hope yet and encourage Alvin/coolsmurf even if it’s just a simple message of support on his comment board. Thank you!

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Update and Announcement:

1. The FULL EPISODE (without subs) of Ansol WGM Special is NOW UPLOADED ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL! Yahoooooeeee! hehe.

2. In terms of subbing, etc. this is the plan:

– I will be subbing/translating Solbi’s Yoyumanman special that was on KBS2, though this may take a while since university/college has started again over here in Oz.

– Unfortunately due to time constraints, I will not be subbing any videos for WGM and the summer special since most of the clips and episodes have been subbed by either coolsmurf or roseltv already. However I will be posting up translation on Anbi parts the Monday after a new WGM episode.

IMPORTANT: Coolsmurf’s Youtube Account has been suspended… what the? Please leave a message of thanks on his blog to support coolsmurf for his immense hardwork over the LAST TWO YEARS – I applaud you, coolsmurf!

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Okay Here’s What Happened in Ep 19!!!

Hyun Joong/Hwang Bo:

Hwang Bo wakes up Hyung Joong!!!… and the rest of SS501 who are less than willing to get out of bed! 😛 However she manages to ‘drag’ them out of bed and also makes a delicous breakfast for everyone despite someone evil bothering her (aka Jung Min) and has fun with some cool tricks hehe. Later on she goes to record a song with Hyung Joong before her return to Korean – and her ‘sexy/husky voice’ makes an appearance!

Seo In Young/Crown J:

Crown J takes the needle (out of love) for In Young!!! Afterwards they go to the markets for some cheering-up shopping therapy lol. Crown J shows his conservative side by being concerned at In Young’s revealing choices of outfits! They have a nice meal at the markets and In Young reflects that Crown J really acted bravely for her.


You have see it to believe it!!! Omona!

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080208 MBC Blind Meeting



Romantic Guy Andy fights for his friend’s happiness in MBC’s “Introducing a Star’s Friend” or “Blind Meeting”.

See what Andy would do after a date with his ‘girlfriend’ Hyori – will Solbi be jealous?

All ratings and constructive comments welcome!!!!!!!!!!

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Can you believe it? I actually bothered creating an user account just for this new-ish blog! Wow I actually didn’t think I would get anyone reading this blog but I’m getting a healthy no. of visitors daily – hope you’re enjoying what you find here and I’ll strive for more exciting updates!

lond0nface (getting a bit creative with numbers here)

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