I’ve just watched the subbed episode by Muish (thanks a bunch~) and think that the episode falls short of my expectations for a last WGM tribute to Andy-Solbi. Their cut was much shorter compared to other couples, and considering that they’re the only confirmed couple leaving – shouldn’t they deserve more screen time? Let’s hope they will appear more in the next episode…

Andy’s Tears:

Everything is going to be alright...?

Anbi Whispers: Everything is going to be alright...?

As in any relationship, there were moments of doubt where Solbi seemed to have a more one-sided liking to Andy. But I think it’s clear without a doubt from these screenshots that Andy does have a honest, deep emotional investment being a couple with Solbi that goes beyond just a TV program!

Andy's Tears...

Andy's tears

Andy's Sincere Feelings...

Andy's sincerity

Namsan Lovers:

… who are my FAVOURITE two couples: Alex-Shinae and Andy-Solbi! I believe they are the two of the most exciting and honest couples to watch on the show.

Alex and Shinae cuts in Ep 27 was great and I can’t wait for Ep 28 for the rest of the concert and Shinae’s reaction to Alex’s tears (so much tears these days… aish..)

Alshin and Anbi = Love~ ❤

Much photo splurginess follows –

Namsan Lovers 1

Namsan Lovers

Namsan Locks

Namsan Locks