Fantasy Couple: Ansol!

Firstly, this is a translation of the Andy-Solbi couple cuts from the MBC Show “Fantasy Couple” that was shown on the 21st of September. I wanted to translate (despite heavy workloads at uni) because us Anbiholics seriously need a bit of cheering up right now!

I will do translations when I have time – and currently don’t have that much so no further requests please.

This section is taken out from Soompi – translation by ke2 from Chinese to English with modifications by me πŸ™‚

Just like a real couple... (take out the 'like')

Just like a real couple... (take out the "like")

Woman: What did you eat for breakfast this morning? What kind of breakfast did Solbi prepare?

Andy: she didn’t make breakfast for me

Solbi (pat Andy’s arm): you can’t say that to others

Andy (nod): okay

MC (quarrel just like a real husband and wife): a real couple…real one indeed…

Solbi: honestly if I did prepare breakfast, he probably won’t eat it

Andy (laugh)

Andy (give up): in fact, I’m the one who prepares breakfast

Solbi: That’s what I thought too..

Andy is Jealous?

Andy is Jealous?

MC: have you heard about the news of Korean Olympic gold medalist for wrestling? He said in an interview that Solbi is his ideal type of girl.

Solbi: thank you

MC: Andy, how’s your feeling about this? Are you feeling bad?

Andy: I’m not feeling bad. It’s coz he also realizes solbi’s charm

Solbi: (smiles)

In video message recording:

Solbi: how are you? Thank you. I sincerely congratulate you for the gold medal. Good luck for you. Fighting!

Andy (standing behind Solbi): Fighting!

MC (insist in questioning Andy in detail): how’s your feeling about this wrestler?

Andy: okay…I don’t mind.

MC: coz of trust, you trust her.

Andy (nod): yeah

Solbi: he (the medalist) thinks I’m charming…but isn’t that charm is all created by andy?

Andy: (smiles and nudges Solbi’s shoulder) where did you learn those words?

Solbi: ???

Then Andy smile and embracing Solbi’s shoulder

[Caption: so sweet]

Then MC throw the question card to the ground.

MC: today I don’t wanna do this program. (seems MC so envious of the sweetness)

This next section is translation by me – please credit londony @

Sweet Moments

Ansol Love: Sweet Moments

Game Instructions: Pressing the button to answer questions, adults answer questions related to the kids, and the kids answer the adults’ questions

Question to Ansol Couple: What were the lyrics left off in the childrens’ song?

MC: (tips) Do you like Solbi? Why do you like Solbi?

Andy: Cute as a button… haha…

Solbi: (smiles)

[Caption: I’m like that right?]

MC: Wah.. So Mushy..

[They feel sweet to eachother, but everyone else feels grossed out by the mushiness]

MC: The correct answer..? No..!

{Andy only just received his punishment, the little girl on the same table pressed the button again]

Andy: Oppa wants to rest a while…

[Really going crazy!]

MC: Andy, what’s your answer? Why do you like Solbi? What’s the answer?

Andy: (quiet voice) Pretty/Beautiful

MC: Pretty~!!!

S: (stunned, but then sweetly smiles)

[Ah, why are you like this~]

MC: My goodness… Please love! Love eachother!!

Andy: …

MC: This is not the correct answer…

Solbi: I like Peng Peng (the name of the kid?), why? Just like this… I like you just the way you are.

MC: Why do you like Andy?

S: I completely like him just like this..

MC: “Just like this/Just the way you are” is the correct answer!

Little Girl VS Solbi

Little Girl VS Solbi

Little kids’ Conversation (Aim of the game: Fill in the blanks):

Kid 1: When you silently reflect, don’t you realize you make a lot of mistakes?

Kid 2: You _______________

(Andy Answers..)

MC: You and Solbi can simulate the situation..

Andy: (face looks unsure)

S: Andy ah, do you realize you make many mistakes when you silently reflect?

A: Solbi ah, why is your face that big?

MC: Ah..

Solbi: … (angry)

[No matter what, these are β€˜Acting Techniques’]

Andy: … (to Solbi) Sorry, this is a conversation between Kids

(Uses hands to grab Solbi) Aish.. Why are you like this?

[Hurt.. (points to Solbi)]

Solbi: Let go

Andy: Aish..

S: If this is the correct answer, you have to give the credit to me!

A:.. (looks at little girl beside him, who shakes her head)

(Note: If Andy is correct, the girl on the same team gets a scooter, otherwise Solbi’s kid gets a scooter)

MC: Why is your face that big? .. This is the correct answer!

A:… (frustrated, looks at Solbi and little girl)

A: Excuse me.. I want to ask how much does that scooter cost?

MC: Your appearance fee can afford one

A: Then I won’t accept my appearance fee today…

[To give another scooter??]

Solbi: (smiles)…

[Finally a bit of a smile]

Translated by: londony @

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