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… and London Face/Londony moving on…

Yes I have heard the sad news of Alex and Shinae leaving We Got Married – which ends my watching of the show since they were the only other couple I supported other than Ansol, of course.

Personally, even though this is the end of blogging for me for a while to come, I have enjoyed every moment of it and this blog was truly a place of nirvana when the real world was chaotic and confusing. The journey was made even better with all the friends I have made along the way πŸ™‚

So keep in touch! If the easiest way is through the comments via this blog, I will always check them regularly. Otherwise you can always email me at: londony face [at] gmail [dot] com (please change this into correct email form)

… and if you didn’t want to only address me by londony/londonface, my real name is Mary πŸ™‚

… and I will continue to upload videos on Youtube when I find anything interesting related to Ansol, WGM and Alshin

… See you later/Ciao/Au revoir/Zai Jian/Sayounara/Anneyon!! Best wishes to you in every endeavour of your life~

Hi loyal readers and friends πŸ™‚

I am once again buried under a lot of work now that uni has started ><

But currently I am also going to travel around Europe, continue learning French and martial arts and also fit in a bit of sleep here and there…

So I am moving my active operations mainly to my youtube channel – I will be uploading any live performances or clips that are relevant to Ansol or any interesting kdramas/variety show appearances!

Hope you’re all doing well!!! πŸ™‚

Tribute Song:

Loveholic – Separation Is Not Separation [Download Here]

Separation is Not Separation...

Separation is Not Separation...

Long time no update (again) >< … But I’ve been putting it off in posting a reflection of Ep 28 since tears were aplenty in my case, Read the rest of this entry »

… for the 30th of September! Best wishes ❀

More happy days to come!

For more happy days to come!

I’ve just watched the subbed episode by Muish (thanks a bunch~) and think that the episode falls short of my expectations for a last WGM tribute to Andy-Solbi. Their cut was much shorter compared to other couples, and considering that they’re the only confirmed couple leaving – shouldn’t they deserve more screen time? Let’s hope they will appear more in the next episode…

Andy’s Tears:

Everything is going to be alright...?

Anbi Whispers: Everything is going to be alright...?

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I’ve finally arrived in London, UK!!! πŸ™‚ … thus reason for not watching WGM and the late posting – the 23 hour plane trip!

My first time coming here and I also stopped in Singapore for a while – all I can say is: am loving it – fantastic places indeed!!! Contrasting weather though…

Wanted to share some photos with y’all (all touristy and yes my photography is only amateur keke, the weather was a bit cloudy today as well, how typical!):

Tower of London Bridge

Tower of London Bridge

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Mood: Reflective, Hint of Excitment Amongst Uncertainty πŸ™‚

Song: You and Me (ζˆ‘ε’Œδ½ οΌ‰- Liu HuanΒ (刘欒) and Sarah Brightman [Download Here]

(from the Beijing Olympics 2008 Opening Ceremony Soundtrack… of which I cried at least once upon hearing this track T_T” )

Memories ... and creation of new ones

Memories ... and creation of new ones

Hope everyone had a fantastic week!!

Other than the normal boring stuff, this has been a week of change to mark the beginning of growth and maturity (which, of course is almost always overrated and lame, but necessary). One word to describe my week is in capitals: STRESS!

However I’m glad to have resumed blogging and have lapped up all the great comments hehe πŸ™‚

On a sad note, I won’t be available this Sunday to watch the last Andy-Solbi WGM episode at all! 😦 … *extremely annoyed* So I will have to wait a few days later to catch up on the news and the episode – I have a sneaky feeling that tears may flow…

But all in all, the future is looking bright and the puzzle pieces have started to fit into the larger picture!

I say: Bring it on!


Fantasy Couple: Ansol!

Firstly, this is a translation of the Andy-Solbi couple cuts from the MBC Show “Fantasy Couple” that was shown on the 21st of September. I wanted to translate (despite heavy workloads at uni) because us Anbiholics seriously need a bit of cheering up right now!

I will do translations when I have time – and currently don’t have that much so no further requests please.

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Yes I have been neglecting Alshin updates for a while T_T… But they seem really natural with eachother now on WGM (maybe due to better PD cuts) and now all the couples seem pretty 110% compatible to me.

There were some small details from the Chuseok Special and other photos I wanted to share:

Perfectly Perfect Alshin <3

Perfectly Perfect Alshin ❀

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