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Song of the Day: Clazziquai – I Will Give You Everything

(A nice romantic song to welcome the end of the day, Alex and Horan’s vocals are great as per usual :3 )

Please look forward to WGM 23!

The Beautiful Couple: Please look forward to WGM 23!

In studio:
Lee Hwi Jae: Would you like the mosquito net or the speed tent?
HB: Mosquito net
[The mosquito net that will peacefully protect them during the summer evenings.]
Lee Hwi Jae: The mosquito repellant will be for Andy and Solbi.
Lee Hwi Jae: And finally, we need to congratulate a couple today. Let’s congratulate KHJ and HB on their 100th day.
[SsangChoo Couple’s 100th Day]
[Congratulatory cake that fans sent for the 100th Day]
Soo Jung (reading cake): The event of my life (Bubble pointing to the cake says: SsangChoo couple’s precept)
HB: That’s our precept.
[Meaningfulu 100th Day – Congratulations once more~!!]

HB: It’s been a long time since I’ve been in Seoul. Why aren’t you curious that I asked to meet you outdoors?
HJ: About what?
HB: If your wife asks to meet you outdoors, aren’t you supposed to ask why? Aren’t you curious?
HJ: No, I’m tired because it’s early morning.
HB: You’re always tired
{The kid groom is tired because he just returned from Japan]
HJ: It’s a mission
HB: Let’s see this. We need to see this so we’ll have something to talk about.
HB: You’ll be surprised.
[What will be SsangChoo Couple’s mission for today?]
(Bubble next to HB says: Anticipation)
HJ reading mission card: 100th Day commemoration – photoshoot for a wedding (This is also what the sign says). Is it 100 days already?
HB: Yes
[Clapping by herself]
HB: It’s already 100 days. It’s just that we haven’t seen each other often.
[They’ve been married for 100 days, but they are so awkward]
HJ: Is that it?
HB: We haven’t seen each other often so we don’t know how the 100th day feels.

HB in studio: It came faster than I thought it would. It did come.
[The 100th day came…]
HB: If you ask me what I’ve been disappointed in, I’ve been disappointed in many things, so I can’t answer you. But honestly there’s never been a time when I haven’t been happy when we were together. They were all happy times.

At the wedding shop:
[The wedding shop that Hwang Buin scoped out ahead of time]
HB: Hello
HJ: Hello
Shop employee: Did you come to look at dresses?
HB: Yes, but (pointing at HJ) I’d like to look at clothes for my husband first.
HJ: Yes
HB: The tuxedo first. I’d like to look at the tuxedo first and then choose my clothes. Let’s see it first.

HB and HJ sitting on the sofas:
HJ: How much does something like this cost? (Sign says the same thing) I’m curious.
[Kid groom is worried about the estimated cost]
HB: Oh, it’s this person. Do you know her? The model..she married a prince from Hong Kong.
HJ: Who is it?
[Inexperienced to the world of weddings]
HB: A model named ***.
HJ: We can just take the photos in any way.
HB: How can we just take the photos in any way?
[’s a wedding photo session after all]
HB: Since we lived in any way thus far, let’s not take our photos in just any way.
[Kid groom, will he be able to accomplish the wedding photo session?]
Shop employee asks them to come choose the groom’s clothing.
[Going to choose the groom’s tuxedo]
Shop employee: Come up this way.
HB & HJ: Yes

Choosing the groom’s outfit:
HB: I don’t like anything like this, am I right?
[Hwang Buin chooses her groom’s tuxedo very carefully]
HJ: The material..
HB whispers: It looks like the clothes of a conductor.
HB: A long said you liked a long one right?
[She chooses one that suits her groom’s taste]
HJ: Yes
HJ: I like clothes like this.
HB: What’s this like?
HJ: It’s penguin style!
HB: And also, hold this..we need to get one in white
[Hwang Buin wants to try this and that clothing]
HJ: White?
HB: Yes.
HB: When we need to wear something important looking, we’ll wear white. White is really pretty.
HJ: Yes, should we?
HB: By any chance, do you have anything else you like?
HJ: Do you accept credit cards?
[Ever since before, he’s been worried about the price]
HB: Since you worked hard to earn the money, you should spend it.
HJ: Because we had a concert in Japan I have some money left.
HB: Really? Can I wear an expensive dress?
HJ asks: Can we rent clothes here?
HB: I want to purchase it.
HJ: If you’re just going to wear it once and throw it away it’ll be a waste.
[Indeed, his economical sense is that of the country’s representative]
HB: I’m going to have my daughter wear it as well.
HJ: This goes well with jeans.
HB: With jeans?
[Finds a pair of jeans that go well with the tuxedo]
HB: It would look good if you wore this with a pair of jeans.
HJ: I can’t wear jeans during a wedding photo session.
HB: Why not? The married couple ‘Lee Yoo’ did it.
HJ: Who?
HB: Do you know the model ‘Lee Yoo’?
HJ: No
HB: You don’t? There’s a model named ‘Lee Yoo’
[HJ is irritated]
HB: Why? It’s true.
HJ: Okay. You sure know a lot of men.
[Is this the kid groom’s first jealous moment?]
HB: I want to tell you, Lee Yoo is a woman. I meant her husband.
HJ: Oh really?
[And that was the end of the kid groom’s first jealous moment]
[Sign around HJ says: ‘Embarrassed’]
HJ in studio: I thought she was talking about a guy. She kept talking about a magazine model named Lee Yoo that she wasn’t even friendly with so I thought, “Who is this guy that she keeps calling his name affectionately?” But then I found out that it was a woman. I was quite embarrassed. I was jealous for nothing.

[They decide that the groom will try on his tuxedo first]
Shop employee: Come in to try on the tuxedo.
HJ: Should I go in? I need to try the clothes on myself right?
Shop employee: No, we’ll help you.
HJ [shocked]: underwear? No, right?
HB: If it was like that, then I wouldn’t let you go.
HB: Don’t touch him or anything.
[The kid groom changes his clothing]
HB: Now that we have our wedding photos, I have evidence, so I’m going to spread it around.
[Circulating the wedding photos is the goal of Hwang Buin’s wedding photo session]
HB: As soon as the pictures come out, I’m going to spread them around.
[What will he look like?]
HB: I hear different sounds. What is he doing? He’s just trying on one outfit.
{Hwang Buin wants to see the kid groom quickly]
Door opens [Kid groom comes out]
[HJ – Embarrassed, shy]
[HB – satisfied]
HJ: I like this one, (immediately) I’ll choose this one!
HB: Do you like it?
HJ: I like all of them.
HJ: This is the first one. I’ll try the second one.
HB: The first one?
Solbi’s comments: They really go well together.
Hwi Jae’s comments: The two of them or the clothing?
Solbi: The clothes, but the two of them go well together too.
HB: Hurry up and change.
[Waiting for the second tuxedo]
[Tailcoat style that the kid groom likes]
[As usual, the kid groom can’t look her in the eye]
HJ: This seems okay too. Yes, okay.
[Sign next to HB says – I wonder whose husband that is?]
HB: I should go up here with you.
[Standing together]
HB: I’m wearing plain clothing now.
HJ: You can change later. Should we go somewhere?
HB: Huh?
HJ: To do something like this? [Playing the violin]
HJ: Let’s hurry up and buy yours.
HB: I thought you wanted to rent and not buy.
HJ: If we do buy, we’ll have to pay it in 136 month installments.
HB: 136 months
[While he goes to try on the last tuxedo]
[Hwang Buin makes a telephone call to someone]
HB: Unni
Person on phone: Oh, Hwang Bo
HB: Unni, how are you?
Person: Hi
[Sounds like a familiar voice]
HB: Being alone just the two of us is awkward, it’s even more awkward doing a wedding photo session together…unni, I need you
[Sends out an SOS]
Person: Why is it awkward? Did you think it would be easy to meet a good looking and young groom? Let me assess the situation
HB: If you have time, please give me a call if you can.
[Preparations of the third tuxedo are complete]
HJ: The last one
HB: The last one
HB: You look good in all of them.
HJ: There’s no need to choose then..let me take all three of them. In 136 month installments!

[Now it’s Hwang Buin’s turn to choose a wedding dress]
HJ: There’s a lot of dresses.
HB: They all look the same to you right?
HJ: No, they’re different.
HB: Is there one that you immediately thought was pretty after having seen it?
HJ: I thought this one was out as soon as I saw it.
HB: Why?
HJ: It shows too much skin.

HJ: It shows too much skin.
HB: This? How is this revealing?
HJ: This one’s out.
HB: Out.
HJ: Sorry about worked hard on making it.
HJ: This one’s too low cut…out.
[Ruling out all the dresses that are too revealing]
HJ: This one’s really low cut.
HB: You’re picky.
HJ: I like this one, this one, and that one.
HB: This one?
HB: You can wait and be strained now.
HJ: I’ve memorized everything!! It’s not this one and it’s not that one. Don’t sneakily wear one of those and come out.
[Controlling Hwang Buin so that she will not wear revealing dresses]
HB: I really won’t wear them.
[The patiently waiting kid groom]
HJ: Buin! Buin! (Wife! Wife!)
HB: Did you call me?
HJ: I just felt like calling you.
HJ: The phone’s ringing.
HB: The phone’s ringing? Who is it?
HJ (looking at HB’s phone): It must be a friend. It’s a guy’s name.
HB: What’s the name?
HJ: Dong Hyun
HB: Who’s Dong Hyun?
HJ: How could you not know who it says ‘Dong Hyun’.
HB: **can’t make out what she says here, sorry!**
HJ: Dong Hyun Sshi (meaning Mr. Dong Hyun) is calling you.
HB: Dong Hyun is a girl too.
HJ: Oh really..everyone around you has male names.
HB in studio: That’s….jealousy right? He was jealous of a girl so I was very surprised. I didn’t even think about it, since I don’t expect anything, I’m not the type to expect anything so I wondered if he said those things because he was really jealous or if it’s because he’s finally come to the realization that we are married so now he’s meddling…
HJ: Buin, come out!
[Finally, the bride comes out]
HJ: Wow!
[Beautiful bride in snow white~]
[Kid groom is at a loss for words]
[Words next to HB’s face says ‘no confidence’]
HJ: Uh, you look pretty…
[Words next to HB’s face says ‘relieved’]
[The groom looks more awkward/shy]
HJ: (Hurriedly) We’ll take this one.
HB: This one’s not gaudy, right?
HJ: No, not at all.
[At this moment]
Voice: Hello.
[HJ is surprised]
[Hwang Bo’s helper arrives on time]
[Talent/Actress Shin Ae Ra]
Shin Ae Ra: Hwang Bo you look so pretty.
[Kid groom cleans up in a hurry]
Shin Ae Ra: You look so pretty.
HJ: Hello.
Shin Ae Ra: Hello.
HB: Unni, this is my husband.
Shin Ae Ra: Why am I the one who’s nervous meeting your husband? It’s nice to meet you.
HB: You know her right?
HJ: Yes I know her.
[Nervous kid groom]
Shin Ae Ra: Did you have a nice trip to Japan?
HJ: Yes, I returned last night.
Shin Ae Ra: Oh really? You must be very tired.
HJ: No
[So shocked that his week’s exhaustion left]
Shin: Have a seat. Yes I’ll sit too.
HJ: Can I have a glass of water?
Shop employee: This is her first she’ll try on other styles.
Shin: Okay. Try on others.
HB: Okay..will the two of you be okay?
[Words next to HJ’s face ‘suddenly tired’]
Shin: No, we’re just kidding.
[The bride goes in]
Shin to HJ: Aren’t you changing your tuxedo?
HJ: No, I felt stuffy so I took it off.
Shin: Oh, you decided on this one?
HJ: Yes, three of them. Have some water.
[Kid groom had good manners]
Shin: Thank you.
HB’s voiceover: My husband has difficulty around people he doesn’t know.
[Drinks rapidly]
Some other MC’s voiceover: That’s ice water.
[Drinking water rapidly]
Lee Hwi Jae’s voiceover: What year was Hyun Joong born?
HJ’s voiceover: ’86
Shin: I saw some episodes. There was one episode that I didn’t see but I heard that on some talk show you had said that you could have liked someone else. Did you really mean that?
HJ: Yes? No it’s not that.
Shin: Yes? (laughs)
[Continuously swigs water]
Shin: Is it because she’s older?
HJ: No, it’s not that. I have no idea what I’m talking about right now.
Shin: Do you know my name?
HJ: Yes, of course I do.
[Kid groom is sitting very rigidly]

HJ in studio:
HJ: Shin Ae Ra Nim came (note: ‘Nim’ is used as an honorific term). I felt like I was seeing a queen with an aura about her.
I couldn’t breathe. She spoke so eloquently that I felt like I was on the Shin Ae Ra Talk Show.

[Hwang Buin wearing the second dress]
[Clap, clap, clap]
[The look of a goddess..a romantic dress]
HB: My husband said this was too revealing. He said it was too low cut so he didn’t like it.
Shin: Looking at it (on the rack) and seeing it worn it is different.
HJ: (Hurriedly) It is different.
HJ: It’s not revealing at all. But is there no strap? It looks like it will fall down.
[In any case, he doesn’t seem to like something too revealing]
Shin: Do you like the previous one, or this one?
HJ: I like all of them, but the previous one was better.
Shin: Really? I feel like the last one was more revealing. Do you usually like revealing clothing?
HJ: No, no!
[The kid groom doesn’t know what to do with Shin Ae Ra Nim’s force]
[In the midst of sweating out one liter]
Shin: Try another one on.
HJ: Okay, let’s end it here.
HJ: The apricot colored one.
HB: The apricot one.
HJ: Can I get another glass of water?
Shin: I haven’t known HB too well for long..we were doing charity work together. We went to Bangladesh together. That’s where I saw that she was such a good kid. She hugged all the children in the streets, and took care of them. It was such a good sight to see.
[A side of Hwang Buin that the kid groom wasn’t aware of]
Shin: Did she talk to you about her trip to Bangladesh?
HJ: No, she didn’t. She not the type to brag about herself.
Shin: Is that bragging? (laughs) Since I told you good things about HB, now you..
HJ: Things that I like? Oh, that’s changed about me..I’ve become more prudent about marriage. I didn’t like older women, but I’ve changed my way of thinking. Yes, pick up your phone.
Shin: Just a minute..yes hubby, what?
[Hubby? note: Shin Ae Ra’s hubby is famous Korean actor Cha In Pyo]
Shin: Oh, do you want to go there first? I’ll be there in a bit. Yes, I’ll be there after I’m done with this so order first. Okay.
Shin: Sorry about that.
HJ: No (times 8)
Shin: Marriage is like this. Yes, so you were saying?
HJ: Where did I leave off?
Shin: You were talking about older women.
HJ: I changed my way of thinking so that older women or younger women are alright. I changed in that I don’t think it matters if there’s a difference in age if you really love someone.
[The preparations end]
[A pink dress that accentuates her svelte figure]
Shin: You look like the little mermaid. You’re not having any difficulty breathing, are you?
HJ: Try taking a deep breath.
HJ: It’s coming apart. Do you have this in size X-tra large?
HJ: It’s pretty. How much is it?

The Formal Couple

Wedding Shot 1: The Formal Couple

HB: Unni, I have something to tell you.
Shin Ae Ra: Just a moment.
HJ: Oh, yes.
Shin: HB, you look pretty.
HB: What did you talk about?
Shin: We talked about the trip to Bangladesh.
HB: He’s afraid of adults
[Explaining why her husband is anxious]
HB: He doesn’t know what to do in front of them, but he has good manners.
HJ: I’m getting dark circles.
Shin: With men, no matter how old they are, they need to be taken care of. I have three children, but I feel like I have four (They show a pic of her hubby, Cha In Pyo). On that note, it might not be that bad to have a younger man.
HJ: Noo-ah! (almost calling her ‘noona’ which is Korean for older sister)
Shin: You must be uncomfortable.
HJ: No, I’m alright. I’m not uncomfortable, but I’m going crazy.
Shin: Have a nice photo session. Hwang Bo is also weary around people she doesn’t know. It would be good if the groom led her well today.
HJ: Yes, I will. ((To HB) Do you want to take a picture with her?
HJ: I’ll take it now.
HB: Am I prettier, or is she?
[HJ is shocked]
HB: Sorry, this question is something that Lee Hyuk Jae would ask right?
Lee Hyuk Jae: That’s such a good question. Why?
HJ: No, that’s such an easy question to answer.
HB: Don’t ask, don’t ask..I’m not confident when it comes to things like this.
Shin: Tell us..
HB: Unni..
HB: Unni said she’s going to leave.
Shin: Of course it’s you. I’m going to leave in a bad mood.
[What will be Hyun Joong’s true heart?]

HJ in studio:
HJ: Hwang Buin. Isn’t it obvious that one’s wife would be the prettiest? As for Shin Ae Ra Nim, if you were to
ask her who’s the prettiest in the world, she would answer her husband Cha In Pyo Nim. So I think it’s only right
that one’s wife would be the prettiest.

[Shin Ae Ra Nim who is leaving]
Shin: Thank you. Congratulations on your wedding and live happily. Be good to each other.
HJ: No. Yes, thank you.
HB: See her out.
Shin: Goodbye.
[Kid groom escorts her out]

[Hwang Buin’s last dress]
HJ: Okay, yellow one.
[Luxurious yellow ‘after dress’, i.e. dress for the reception]
HJ: You’ll hurt yourself.
HB: Do you remember everything I’ve worn?
HJ: Yes.
HB: Do you remember dress number 1, 2, 3, 4
HJ: I remember all of them. I can even draw them if you ask me to.
HB: Let’s simultaneously say which dress we like after the count of three.
HJ & HB: 1,2,3…number 1!
HJ: How did this happen?
HJ: Should we say our second choice? The one that you really like.
HB: The one that I like?
HJ: Yes.
HB: Okay.
[Will the two of their hearts connect?]
HJ: Okay, I’ve decided. 1, 2, 3
HJ & HB: Number 4!
[Married couple is shocked]
HJ: What is this?
HB: This is funny.
HJ: God is helping us because it’s our 100th day.
HJ: Let’s stop now. I’ll take a picture for you.
[Lastly, a photo to commemorate the occasion]
HB: Let’s take it together.
HJ: Take it together? Should we do that?
HB: Sel-ca (note: Konglish abbreviation for ‘self-camera’)
HJ: I’m too shy/bashful to do something like this.
HB: I’ll do it.
HJ: Okay.
HJ: 1, 2, 3
[In a little while, these two person’s wedding photo session story will continue]

[The SsangChoo couple arrives at the location of their photo shoot ]
HB: It’s our 100th day today.
HJ: Huh?
HB: It’s finally our 100th day.
HJ: Your voice right now.. (imitates HB)
[Teasing kid groom]
HB: I said it’s our 100th day.
HJ: On the 100th day, people give and receive presents.
HB: Yes. So?
HJ: We don’t have gifts.
HB: Then why did you make me anticipate a gift? I thought there would be a gift at that moment.
HJ: Oh really? There’s no gift. That’s what makes us attractive.
[4 dimensional philosophy]
HB: No way! You decide what is attractive.
[Turning the ride]
HJ: This is the 100th day gift.
HB: Stop, stop! Wait.
HJ: Just go around 501 more times.
HB: No, I’m really dizzy.
HJ: This is your 100th day gift. You’re so happy that you’ll go crazy right?

[Arriving at the studio]
HJ & HB: Hello. Nice meeting you.
Staff dude: First, change into the dress. And then hair and makeup.
HB: We have to change and come?
Staff dude: First, choose the dress that you like the best.
HB: I choose number 1!
HJ: I’ll choose number 1 too.
HB: Okay, number 1 together. It’s funny how we’re choosing what to wear according to it’s number.

[Kid groom comes out first after changing his clothes]
[Hwang Buin is still changing]
HB: Hyun Joong!
[Kid groom got caught!]
HB: You were looking.
HJ: Why aren’t you coming out?
HB: Wait.
HB: You really want to see me, huh?
HJ: No, I’m hot.
[Whew, how embarrassing]
HB: You’re hot? Wait.
HJ voiceover: You can’t see from the outside in, but you can see from the inside out.
HB: Surprise!
[Hwang Buin comes out wearing the dress]

HB: Surprise!
[Hwang Buin comes out wearing the dress]
[clap, clap, clap]
HB: Why are you clapping? Because I’m pretty?
HJ: [jokingly] Your earrings are pretty.
HB: Really?
HJ: No
HJ: What’s this?
HB: You have to hold it.
HJ: I have to hold it for you?
HB: No, I can hold it.
HJ: I’ll hold it!
HB: It’s okay.
HJ: Why?
[Holding the train of the dress]
HJ: People usually hold it from the back.
HB: Okay.
[Slip is showing]
HJ: Why don’t you cut some of this? It’s dragging.
Staff: We’re going to shoot the easiest one first.
HJ: Okay.
Staff: Sitting straight up pose…kind of like children.
[First concept: Awkward new groom and new bride]
HB: I love stuff like this.
Staff: For the groom, you should appear anxious.
HJ: That’s fine. I’m usually like that.
HB: Where should the girl go? Where should the guy go?
Staff: The important thing is that the groom should come forward so that the bride’s face will appear smaller.
HB: (Promptly says) My face isn’t big.
HJ: Do we really have to take the photos this way?
Staff: Yes
[This pose is a hassle]
Staff: Okay, very good.
HB: What do I do? This is funny.
[Hwang Buin bursts out laughing]
HB: Don’t look at me, don’t look at me.
HJ: Let’s do this right. We’re paying a lot of money for this.
[The cost of the photo shoot is precious]
HB: This is funny.
HJ: No, I’m just kidding.
[Again, they mind the atmosphere]
Staff: Groom, sit up straighter.
HJ: This is it for me.
[Laughs again]
Staff: We’re going for the awkward feeling here like in the olden days.
HJ: Okay.
Staff: Bride, lean in more. It seems you don’t like him. You seem so distant from each other.
[The whole group asks a lot from them]
[Even if they don’t do that, she feels lacking]
Staff: Smile, big. Ha, ha, ha
HJ: Ha, ha, ha
Staff: 1, 2, 3 Ha, ha, ha
HJ: Ha, Ha, ha
Staff: Look at one another.
[They’re more excited]
[Demanding that they look at one another]
HB: I thought you said that the first one would be easy.
Staff: This is easy.
HB: We can’t look at one another.
HJ: This is difficult.
Staff: Look at one another, and hold his arm.
[Gently held his arm]
Staff: Look at one another.
HB: Can we not look directly at one another?
[Can’t look at one another after all]
HJ: 1, 2, 3 (turns and looks at HB)
HJ: Why?
HB: It’s funny.
HJ: Let’s close our eyes. Can you compose the picture so that our eyes will look open?
[Sincerely asks]
Staff: This time this post will involve a bit more action. The bride will pull in the groom’s face.
[Like he’s holding Alex’s face]
HB: Really? (Suspiciously asks) This is a wedding photo, correct?
Staff: Then our bride will lean in and kiss the groom on the cheek.
[Finally a kissing shot!]
HB: I should pretend to right?
HJ: Is this the way we will have our first skinship?
Staff: Oh sorry, then the groom will look up and appear so happy. Turn your head, okay.
Staff: The bride should lean in more.
[Will she be able to do it?]
[Pulls his chin in]
[Can’t get close!!]
Staff: Kiss, kiss
Staff: Bride, look at his cheek and pout your lips.
HJ: This feels uncomfortable.
[Finally musters up the courage]
HB: I’m going crazy.
Staff: Good feeling, good feeling
[This space needs to be narrower]
Staff: Kiss him gently on the cheek.
Staff: Kiss
HJ: When are you taking the shot?
[In the end, she couldn’t get close]
[A difficult challenge for these two persons]
HB: You said in the beginning it would be easy.
Staff: Just slightly. Are you tired? Are you okay?
HJ: I’ll cover with this.
Staff: Let’s do this.
Staff: Lower the bouquet a bit.
HJ: But this is a mosaic.

Staff: Let’s do this.
Staff: Lower the bouquet a bit.
HJ: But this is a mosaic.
Staff: You’re not supposed to kiss him on his chin… one last time.
Staff: Lips~!! Press~!!
Staff: Good, press! Okay, it’s done.
HJ: Let’s choose this one (photo).

The Awkward Kiss

Wedding Shot 2: The Awkward Kiss

HB in studio:
[Still shaking when thinking back on that moment]
HB: I was so nervous. HJ was so shy/embarrassed, and I was so shy/embarrassed. If he was just my little brother it would be okay. If the older sister wants to give the younger brother a hug and a kiss. But thinking that this is my man, I couldn’t do anything.
HJ in studio:
[Kid groom is just as shocked as Hwang Buin]
HJ: It was the first wedding photo session and I wondered why they made us kiss from the beginning. They said they would start out easy..I thought that, at this rate, it would be completely over the top later on. But, my mood.. I didn’t feel bad about it.
[Now’s the beginning of the real wedding photo shoot!!]