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Part 4: Bonfire Conversation Time

Andy with their couple ring, Solbi in her 4D mode

Contemplate This: Andy with their couple ring, Solbi in her 4D mode

[Vaguely creating memories for the trip, Romantic Summer Bonfire, A Thick Meaningful Atmosphere]

[Now progressing into real conversation time]

DD: Solbi Ah! In the four couples out of WGM, who is the most compatible?

Solbi: (without hesitation) Andy and Solbi.

DD: Really?

S: (nods) Then who does Oppa think is the most compatible couple?

DD: I, to be honest, think the first place is Crown J and Seo In Young couple

S: Why, why, why?

DD: Their fate/personality seems to be the most matching.

[Satisfied Two People]

DD: Because their dominant role changes – when IY is angry, Crown J will console her, and when CJ is mad, IY will also know to relax her control… the feeling is really good

[This is being a couple (note: what being a couple means)]

S: Yep, I think I understand!

DD: By that kind of order, Ansol couple is second place.

[MC DD mispronounced couple as ‘coffee’ Ansol thinking: ‘What coffee’?]

DD: The third place is Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong, Alex is really annoying! [Feeling Inferior]

[Jealousy Affecting the Couple Ranking] (note: lol… the funniest bit!)

Alex in Studio: Alright, alright.

[Continuing the Honest Conversation]

Dd: (to Andy) Is your initial impression of Solbi the same as what she is like in reality?

A: For me it’s completely opposite, before…

[With a greater understanding of each other, a feeling more charm and charisma]

DD: What’s this? Is it different to your feeling at the beginning?

A: En, en, en~~

[Solbi is Satisfied]

A: Her inner self is very beautiful. She always wants to diligently do everything really well by herself. [Now trying his best to reveal what he could not express about his inner feelings] Seeing her very honestly doing so, I really feel like my previous judgment was completely wrong! I can’t just make conclusions very easily! I really had a lot of thoughts like this.

[Solbi carefully listening to his every word]

DD: If it’s like this,  you two are really a couple that cannot be distinguished between Pretend and the reality!

CJ: The Difference is of A Paper’s Thickness (note: meaning not very different from reality at all!!)

[The Couples Have A Warning Line between Pretend and Reality]

S: But, we don’t even know it ourselves? Are the feelings when recording the show real or fake? When I record the show with oppa I often, what to say, often feel very awkward and I also often feel restless! [Solbi is still feeling the discomfort from the beginning]

(Group sighs)

S: But because of that, this feeling/emotion seems to be sustained.

[Fake Feelings Cannot Sustain a Relationship] (note: Wah… display of Solbi’s 4 dimensional thinking!)

SIY: But no matter what, the people in the program must be sincere anyways.

(Ansol couple silently ponders)

[Brought Corn Cob and Potato]

(Andy gets busy again)

[Andy Omma again making the cuisine]

DD: Andy ah, can’t I be the one to direct everything?

[Delicious Roasted Corn and Potato]

DD: Solbi ah, do you want any potatoes? (suddenly tries to clamp CJ’s head!)

SIY: Why are you doing this?

(revenge) Here, have a piece of barbeque meant! (clamps DD’s face)

DD: Your skinship is really not common!

SIY: What, we’ll have skinship like this, what, what?

DD: How come I’m thinking of spinach again. Anyone want spinach? (note: aka SIY? Lol)

(Ansol happily watches from the side)

DD: (suddenly) Here, use the spinach to wrap the potato to eat!

(Finally finished roasting, the ever-loving two couples and the single DD again)

** Don Don’s Confession

Really an assortment of emotions. Because the husbands all had their wives beside them, so I was really jealous when we did anything together. When I saw how the kind-hearted Ant was being tortured by the Witch, I thought ‘maybe having a single life is okay afterall’. CJ really experienced a lot of hardship ah! Crown J Hwaiting! (suddenly) Andy Hwaiting!

S in Studio: No, why did you call us too?

Translated by: londony @ (please credit when using content)

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